Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So it's been supernaturally hot here for a few days and this weekend, in a panic, I started doing the dreaded seasonal clothing move. My DD and I got through the shoes and hanging clothes and then I begged for mercy. I could not move on to the folded stuff. It's exhausting. Especially when everything I've taught her for 13 years has started to come back at me ..... and she has watched way too many "What Not to Wear" episodes and forced me to throw stuff out. I know it's for the best (really, I hadn't worn the stuff for years!) but I don't have the money right now to buy new stuff! I recently bought this Jcrew cabana dress, primarily for a cover-up but now I am wondering if I can wear it layered over a tank for everyday wear. And I did get it in this color -- I figured it won't show stains (i'm always thinking about this!) and I could make it look cool with accessories. Of course, it's not this short on me. Oh, and I LOVE that it has pockets!! I wish I could find more dresses with pockets.

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