Monday, August 10, 2009

I always feel a bit silly posting here as no one is reading it!! Wonderful Saturday, spent at the beach with family, my husband's cousins and their two adorable daughters! Tonight my husband and daughter are leaving for a few days, he to a new job and she to her cousins for a week. As much as I like my time alone, I like it so much more when they are in the house with me and I can just duck into my bedroom for an hour or two. I will miss them!

In other news, my RM MAM bag arrived and is in a box on my desk ..... I am dying to open it but don't want to in front the co-workers .... silly of me in a way but I feel guilty spending money. (And it's none of their business anyway!!)

I'll try to post pics!!

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  1. Oh you know lots of folk read, it's just that few comment. Keep going!