Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Obviously, I find it close to impossible to write here! Yesterday had a wonderful day with my DD ..... shopping at Loehmanns, lunch at Neimans (free $50 gift card!) and drooling at the Chanel and Manolo Blahniks. I'm trying to teach her to look at the expensive stuff and then buy on ebay!

I had a wonderful friend/cousin-by-marriage who passed away a few years ago who taught me so much about fashion. Tina drummed it into my brain: good shoes and bag! When I spied a pair of shoes at H&M yesterday, Carly said, "Mommy, don't! Tina would be turning over in her grave!" So Tina is always that person looking over our shoulders when we shop.

(Tina, Heather and I)

I think it continues to be a frustration for me to have such great clothes and honestly, I could come to work in pajamas and no one would notice!

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  1. Hi there

    It's a J Crew t shirt from last year, you'll find it on EBay I'm sure!